Our Missionaries


 Please continue to Faithfully Pray for our Missionaries!!

Irfan Abdullatif (Detroit) 

Brian and Erin Bollon (Taiwan)  

Hannah Brooks (Taylor, MI)    

Matias and Mery Mojica-Brooks (Bolivia)

Dan and Amparito Brooks (Bolivia) 

Mickey and Trina Cofer (Mongolia)

Don and Gail Craft (Thailand)

Dave and Marcia Darlin (Hong Kong)

Ken and Bonnie Hopper (Texas)   

Bob and Betty Joy Horne (Indiana) 

Allen and Bella Lund (Costa Rica)

Jim and Lori Males (Scotland)

Roland and Vera Mitchum (Victoria, BC)

Mike and Nettie Nulph (Abbotsford, BC)

Gerald aand Marguerite Pauley (Quebec)

Dan and Sharon Roberts (Japan)

Juan Carlos and Susana Sanchez (Ecuador)

Lori Stellwagon (Louisiana)

Bob and Terri Sturgeon (Bolivia)

Chris and Darcy Vergiels (Brazil)

Nate and Sara Wright (Uganda)